We are proud to introduce HighRiseTV, our new YouTube Channel that we will be posting videos weekly. What better way to introduce our channel than by hot-boxing Daddy's Pipes and Collective with 305 Grams of Concentrates, and setting a new world record in the mean time. 

We came prepared with 9 different concentrates from crumble to shatter and everything in between. Huge thanks to Natures Lab Extracts, Daddy's Pipes and Collective, Stay Irie, Weavers and Leef and Co for contributing to the pot and "shattering" the current world record of 194 grams. 

Not only did we smoke the 305 grams of concentrates we smoked a couple of "Weavers" blunts. These blunts contain only the best flower, wax, kief and a glass mouthpiece. Maybe next time we will spark the "Sword Blunt." Be sure to check out Weavers for the best custom blunts, fit for a true connoisseur.



We set out to hotbox the inside of the dispensary room by putting the wax onto hot coals. Within minutes not only did the dispensary disappear in smoke, but all three rooms in the building were completely filled with smoke and it was time to have some fun.

As the wax burned and it became harder to see...and breathe, it took its toll on a lot of the people inside. Some of the brave stayed inside and continued to inhale the $12,000+ of wax that continued to burn. Everything burned for about an hour and 30 minutes and it became completely white to the point of no return. All good things must come to an end, so we opened the doors and watched the smoke pour out the front...and back. Soon Ventura Blvd was immersed in the smoke and as everyone coughed their brains out outside the smoke continued to come out in heaps. Two hours later and higher than a kite we had accomplished a new world record. Huge thanks to Natures Lab Extracts for coming through with some truly top shelf concentrates, Daddy's Pipes and Collectives for dropping that fire in there and hosting all of us, Weavers for bringing through some crazy blunts, and Stay Irie and Leef and co for holding it down!!!